Strengthen Your Ankles


Increase your endurance: Part 2

Like trail runners and cross country champs, urban athletes need strong ankles. When I train, I train mainly on grass some gravel and the best… The beach ! The beach is the best as it is soft and provides resistance training for your ankles. Grass still is quite soft and not so uneven as gravel and gives you the chance to strengthen the smaller muscles around your lower limbs.

Strengthen your ankles by taking a few detours, across fields on and off the pavement or down gravel paths. Quickly manoeuvre around lampposts, bollards, trees. My favourite is to use the fitness courses at the local rugby field. I use the styles to jump over, balance beams and perform agility and speed with any other structures I find. Interrupt your run or start with and end with skipping, one of the best ways to strengthen the ankles. Last but not least do not under estimate the power of the Bosu ball and wobble boards for strengthening ankles and building balance.

The main thing is to have fun out there and change it up ! Happy running…

Caroline Morgan

The Bowen Clinic