Structural Integration

Creating long term changes

ATR Health strives to create long term changes in our clients rather than just chasing symptoms.

By addressing the 3 pillars of health, Structural, biochemical and emotional. We can achieve the best outcome, in a more tailored approach.

Gentle and non invasive

The techniques we use are very gentle and non invasive, there is no manipulation or forceful movements. We work on not only the musculo-skeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves, ligaments and tendons.

By addressing the whole body, we can return balance, correct posture, prevent re-injury and most importantly significantly reduce pain.

I went to the ATR Health after seventeen years of chronic back pain which I was seeing a chiropractor for. Even after the first treatment at The Bowen Clinic the amount of relief I felt was amazing. I would highly recommend this to everyone. I regularly get all my family checked here and they have never felt better.
- Kathy, book keeper, Nelson

Balances the nervous system

The work I carry out also balances the nervous system, scientific studies have shown that the nervous system controls 80%-90% of our bodies systems. Suffering from stress, pain,  lack of sleep and energy, constantly in the flight or fight response all takes its toll on the body and especially the nerves and adrenal glands.

Balancing both the structure of the body and the nervous system, enables the body to heal and give you back the life you deserve.

What People Say

"Before meeting Caroline, my husband and I had been trying for a baby for 3 years, during which time I had suffered four miscarriages... I am now 6 months into my pregnancy and my baby is healthy and growing well"

"I feel better than I have for longer than I can remember, and the flexibility that has been returned to my knees, hips and ankles is wonderful"

"When you first suggested a course of treatment I was in two minds, as I had tried everything... After the first treatment the improvement was just as you had predicted, after the second the pain was substantially reduced and I was walking normally."

"I still can't believe how effective the treatment has been, it has allowed me to get my life back."

"Amazing, almost unbelievable, after the first session I was able to walk without my walker. I feel like my recovery has just began"

"After the first few sessions, the spasms and pins and needles had gone. I have so much more motivation now and feel happier and healthier"

Why choose ATR Health?

  • I take a holistic approach to achieve optimum results. Taking into consideration, posture, occupational obligations, previous injuries and any relevant genetic conditions. These multiple insights would be used to design a health plan to treat the area of pain, and also prevent re injury in the future.
  • ATR Health offers a safer more natural approach to significantly reduce pain.
  • Caroline Morgan is committed to a high standard of treatment.  Ensuring that she is able to offer the most up-to date, evidence based interventions to improve health outcomes.
  • Structural integration and fascial work is so gentle it can be used on new born babies to restore balance especially after a difficult birth. It is  very effective on young children, assisting in returning natural posture. Recovery from sports injuries and general well being.  Moving further along the lifespan, structural integration is incredibly useful for helping frailer individuals to increase muscle strength and stability, reducing the chance of falls.
  • TMJ Dysfunction One of the most common problems I treat is TMJ dysfunction. This can go back as far as birth, injuries to the cranium, dentistry (removal of teeth). Braces or bruxism (being the most common). When we suffer stress, anxiety. The fight or fright response occurs, in our modern world. This response is constant ! TMJ Dysfunction can cause other imbalances in the body and is vital to your overall health.