Client Testimonials

Thanks Caroline for our amazing Functional Movement Screening Test!Sonja and I are looking forward to taking steps to improve our mobility, balance and flexibility based on your results! See you soon! Cheers,
Simon and Sonja Hamilton.
Renaissance, business owners Nelson.

Wow! Caroline Morgan it's incredible how you can get me moving again!! The latest was when I injured my knee on a Tuesday morning and silly me thought I could sleep on it......mistake!! Next morning I could barely walk at all. Weight bearing was a no go! Hmmmmm... who ya gonna call?? Caroline!!! Lucky you could squeeze me in - phew! I hobbled/hopped/dragged myself into your clinic with some rather descriptive words falling out of my mouth...... once I'd calmed down, you set to work. One hour is all it took to get me back walking again, that hour was the first of three sessions to get me back walking normal again. You then you set me a rehabilitation plan....and reminded me to actually do it too!!....Thank you so much!!!!
Tamara Orr,
Fisheries officer, Nelson

I went to the Bowen clinic after seventeen years of chronic back pain which I was seeing a chiropractor for. Even after the first treatment at The Bowen Clinic the amount of relief I felt was amazing. I would highly recommend this to everyone. I regulary get all my family checked here and they have never felt better.
book keeper, Nelson

When I first started seeing Caroline, I was a bit Sceptical about how Bowen worked. As the sessions went on, it was very clear that it worked ! I began to feel the difference more instantly after each session. Caroline keeps the body going so I can keep on enjoying sport for longer and recover from injury quicker....
Helen Bush,
Interior designer, Nelson

Before I saw Caroline Morgan I was in Agony, My first visit with her, she worked out exactly what was wrong with me. No chiropractor or osteopath had seen. I am now pain free, and have never felt so good. Thanks to Bowen Therapy and especially thank you to Caroline. I have already recommended my staff members to her.
Aurora Merckling,
Business owner, Nelson

I have had hip pain for over 7 years, so severe sometimes it has doubled me up in pain. Even walking became painful, I tried to get help from specialists, physio, acupuncture, osteopathy. I tried everything with no success, I was recommended to go and see Caroline by a work colleague. After the initial 3 sessions, the difference was amazing. I have significantly reduced pain medication and am improving more and more each week. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone in pain.
Robbie Morris,
Timber worker, Nelson

I took my teenage daughter to see Caroline after a friend had recommended her to me. My daughter had suffered a sporting accident and was in so much pain. Her body was completely lopsided, from her shoulders to her feet. Caroline explained what the problem was and how she would go about treatment. After just one session, my daughter was pain free and her whole body had returned to normal. We continued with a few more sessions which were weeks apart and have been amazed with the results. I would definitely recommend Caroline to friends and family.
Full time mother. Nelson

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