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The work I carry out in my clinic is very gentle, and non invasive. I work with the following structures of the body:

  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Joints
  • Nerves

In a classic Bowen Move one of these structures will be activated, in another procedure possibly two or three structures will be addresses. The work I carry out with activate the fascia, as it envelops, or is integral to all of the above.

All structures that are activated during a session, whether they are skin, organs, joints. They all have sensory nerves innervating them in order to give feedback to the spinal cord and the brain about the state of the particular structure, whether it is hot, cold, stretched, painful….

What happens during the treatment : I treat the whole body, not just the area which is painful. I look at the body more holistically, as the whole balance has to be restored for long term pain relief. I don’t believe in a short term fix and have clients returning time after time. I work very slowly and gently. I perform moves on key structural points of the body  that the brain uses as natural reference points to determine its posture. A lot of these points refer back to significant structures embryologically an developmentally , therefore moves at these precise points have a huge effect n the way the body holds itself.

The best way to understand my work, is to experience it !

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