Bowen Therapy for Infants

Effective, non invasive form of therapy for babies using no manipulation

I have been working with infants and young children for over 15 years, babies are very receptive to The Bowen Techniques gentle and subtle approach as their bodies are used to getting new information all the time.


A gentle approach

Baby receiving bowne therapy

By focussing on where the tension and restrictions are being held in the body and addressing the nervous system which controls 80% of the bodies functions.

A whole body response is achieved and relief from the symptoms of colic, reflux, digestive issues and muscular and skeletal imbalances corrected.

What I treat

  • Colic (Internal discomfort, such as wind, bloated tummy, straining, digestive issues)
  • Unresolved physical issues due to a prolonged or difficult birth
  • Overloaded nervous system (unsettled, fast delivery, startled by sudden movement or loud noises...)
  • Misalignment (neck tortion, difficulty feeding, generally uncomfortable, posterior birth, forceps, suction/vacuum extraction delivery..)
  • Reflux (relieving the symptoms of reflux, aiding digestion..)

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Bowen Therapy can make a profound difference to your babies health and your own well being and piece of mind.