Increase Your Endurance


Part 1

Each week I will look at aspects of how to increase your endurance.


Obstacles disrupt the flow of running,  change it up stop pounding the pavement and be prepared to face obstacles !! Find some stairs and work them hard, try up and down sprinting, two steps at a time. Try a variety of exercises.

Its not all about being able to run for a long time, you need to finish the race running faster than anyone else. Turn your run into a game and use trees, sign posts as markers for short sprints. If you use a treadmill, set yourself 30 second sprints or use your ipod and increase your speed for the length of a song.

This is what we will be doing at Boot camp on Wednesday:

Stairs 12 sets of 30 seconds, then pausing between sets and skipping for 5 sets of 90 seconds. Not just your run of the mill skipping, we have a variation including single leg skipping, high knees and double unders. This is our main cardio section followed by stability work to challenge our core and strengthen our ankles.

Stay tuned for next week, where we will be going through strengthening our ankles !