Benefits of using a foam roller

Benefits of using a foam roller

I am a very big advocate of the foam roller, there are so many users for the roller and the benefits are huge. I have seen my clients posture change dramatically from using the roller on a regular basis, muscle soreness has dissipated along with nerve impingement.

So, What are the benefits ?

1.) Reduced tension around the shoulders and neck, helping alleviate headaches and rounded shoulders.

2.) Huge improvements in posture from simply placing the spine in a neutral position.

3.) improvement of circulation all around the body

4) reduce delayed muscle soreness and reduce lactic acid build up. (Great for runners)

5) reduction of injuries and increase in muscle flexibility.


Below are a few of my favourite exercises, I perscribe at The Bowen Clinic Nelson.

Shoulder stretch


Lie on the roller with your hips and head supported. Raise you arms above you with you finger tips pointing to the roof. Slowly lower your elbows and drop you hands towards your head. Hold this stretch for 3 minutes. Remember to keep your hands relaxed and heavy, to get maximum benefit out of the stretch.



Great stretch for runners. Lie on the roller just below your hip so the roller is 90 degrees to your body. Using your elbow and top leg to stabilise you, gently roll up and down your the outside of your leg. Avoid bony areas such as the hip and knee, roll at least 3 times up and down the iliotibial band.

Gluteal release


Cross one leg over the other and roll from the top of the gleuteal muscle into the sit bone. Rotate from side to side to find the tight spots.

Press up with the roller


Why not enhance you core stability by adding an unstable platform for your favourite exercise. Engage more muscles and reap the benefits !!!

*Exercises recommended by The Bowen Clinic Nelson