5 tips to super charge your meals

1) Eggs + Ginger (Hunger busting breakfast + lean muscle)

The classic breakfast protein for athletes. Now forget the pepper or the favourite sauce, add ginger and BOOM !  Insant acting breakfast that will speed the delivery of protein and energy to your muscles, especially when they have been deprived after many hours of sleep. Ginger helps stimulate muscle contractions in the stomach, which help the body digest the eggs faster.

2.)Cheese and sweet potato ( 15 times more cancer proofing and all day energy)

The beto carotine and lutein in the sweet potato give you the high concentrations of cancer fighting nutrients ! Oh but wait, add a matchbox size of cheese and you have the fatty acids that means you absorb 15 times more carotenoids. I always recommend sweet potato over the pale common potato. The benefits of sweet potato are too good to pass up. they are also low on the GI scale.

3.) Tuna and lemon ( Muscle building protein and immune system boost)

We all know Tuna is a favourite ! Lean protein for Muscle repair, Omega 3 for joint flexibility and less excess fat. What more could you possibly want ???  The addition of lemon juice not only enhances the flavour, it gives you the nutritional bonus of iron ! For women this is very important and so many of the population are deficient, so give it a go ! The citric acid in the citrus fruit converts iron into a more absorbable form. The more iron the more oxygen to feed your muscles and mind !

4.) Salad & Green tea ) More night time fat burning vitsamins and nutrients )

Experimenting with hot and cold will turn up your dial on your metabolism. A low carb salad limits the storage of redundant energy as fat while you sleep ! The longevity of the Japanese and the Chinese has been linked to their tradition of having hot drinks with cold food. The warmth of the drink aids digestion and helps the body absorb more nurients from each bite of your meal. This is especially beneficial at dinner time. Go to bed feeling satified and healthy, wake up feeling leaner anf fitter !

5.) Bread and peanut butter ( Complete protein + 50 % more muscle growth )

Teaming peanut butter with wholemeal bread ( healthy dense bread, not the white stuff) combines a variety of amino acids to create a full spectrum, protein more readily consumed by your muscles) The protein carb buffer, you can not enhance the bioavailabilty of a muscle building block by adding another block of the same on top. Concentrate on eating complementary proteins instead.

*Nutrition tips as recommended by The Bowen Clinic Nelson




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