I had to put this smoothie on my blog, as it is one of my favourites ! Down this smoothie first thing to enhance digestion and squeeze all the growth from everything you eat for the rest of the day.


Energising honey– 1 table spoon: insulin regulating properties, balance stomach bacteria and turn calories into muscle !

fat flushing apple fibre – 1 apple: Speed absorption and flush out blood lipids

Gut soothing ginger – 1 grated tsp: boost your metabolism, root out irritants protecting your bowel from additives in processed food. anti inflammatory properties too wow !!!

Alkalising lime juice – 2-3 limes: trigger your stomach to secrete more digestion friendly fluids. Raise your blood alkalinity essential for muscle growth.

Calories burning berries– The fibre in berries has been found to lower fat storage ! They always turn an ok smoothie into a great one.

Oh and my secret ingredient !!!! Kefir: A fermented milk. Its a probiotic helping your stomach convert calories into muscle fuel.

*Throw it all in the blender, add ice and a banana for thickness ! Drink, eat succeed

Smoothie recipe: As recommended by The Bowen Clinic







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