Insomnia Advice

10 Tips To Combat Insomnia

  • To boost the production of serotonin eat carbohydrate rich foods ( pasta, starchy veg, cereals, breads) 30mins after eating a carbohydrate snack you will feel more calm and relaxed. Last up to several hours.
  • Calcium and magnesium deficiencies are common and can lead to muscle cramps, anxiety and depression.
  • Fish oil known as a sleep inducing fat, can be taken up to 3 times a day
  • Drink Camomile tea, has been used to calm the excited mind and relax a nervous stomach.
  • Boost your melatonin, This hormone is produced naturally at night to promote sleep. To boost melatonin production increase your sunlight exposure, meditate and reduce stress levels. Good food sources include oats, sweetcorn, rice, ginger, tomatoes, bananas, almonds and seeds.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake,  it can disrupt your most restful And deepest REM sleep cycle.
  • A period of half an hour intense exercise, leaves your body requiring more deep sleep, so you will have a better quality nights sleep. Remember to exercise earlier in the day to avoid an exercise high in the evening.
  • Electro-magnetic pollution close to the body can be stimulating—keep all electrics (outlets, electric alarm clocks, your cell phone) at least six feet away from your bed.
  • Get comfortable in a good bed and take eight breaths while lying fl at on your back. Then take 16 deep breaths lying on your right side. Last, take 32 breaths while on your left side. Most people fall asleep before completing this.
  • The Bowen Technique is very effective in treating insomnia as it puts the body in a deep relaxed state, whilst balancing the physical, emotional and mental planes of the body. Bowen aims to treat the cause of the problem not the symptoms, making the treatment very effective and the results more permanent.

Advice recommended by The Bowen Clinic Nelson