Warren’s Story

My Story of Back Pain

My name is Warren Duncan and this is my story so far…..

I work fulltime at Fulton Hogan in Nelson. My initial job was as a drain layer, but my back pain got so bad that i had to change to another role.

I contacted Caroline Morgan at The Bowen Clinic because the pain I was suffering was holding me back from my job, interests, sports and most importantly time with my sons.

I am missing a vertebral disc between my sacrum and tail bone. This results in sharp stabbing pains in my back and pins and needles in my left leg. My legs would frequently spasm at random times and for no reason. The pain I was suffering was right up there on a pain scale of 0-10, it was often a 8-9.

I could no longer run, mountain bike, play with my sons and be active. Sleep was difficult as I could not lay on my back and sitting or standing for any length of time was impossible.

After the first few treatments with Caroline. The spasms and pins and needles were gone. I have so much more freedom of movement, considerably less pain and barely feel the pain in my back. My motivation has increased significantly. I now find it is my lack of fitness that stops my quality time with my sons more than the pain.

My future looks very different now, I am able to continue working with considerably less pain. I can keep active and build my fitness back up with my sons. Just being able to go mountain biking and enjoy other activities I could not do before my treatment.

I found each treatment worked perfectly to overcome my pain and increase my freedom of movement. The sessions also fixed other issues I did not realise I had, as the whole body is addressed in every treatment.

Caroline has supported me in regaining my health by helping to motivate me, including me in working out each problem. I left every session feeling happier and healthier and positive about my future.

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