The Bowen Technique – Fast effective pain relief that lasts !


Bowen Therapy is perhaps one of the  fastest, pain-free pain relief and injury recovery bodywork modalities  available today. When integrated into their patient’s treatment plans,  doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, physical and sports therapists all  report startling successes with Bowen Therapy. It has even been referred  to as the “homeopathy of bodywork” in that minimal outside influence is  required to achieve phenomenal, lasting results.


Bowen  Therapy has the ability to tap into the body’s blueprint and reset the  body to heal itself, often with only a few precise Bowen moves.  Bowen  Therapy balances the autonomic nervous system and detoxifies the body,  it is effective for a wide range of mind and body conditions. This  hands-on, total body-balancing modality embraces the physical, chemical,  emotional and mental aspects of the individual receiving the treatment.

Bowen  Therapy accelerates healing and recovery by actually stimulating the  body’s own natural healing capacity to achieve overall balance and  harmony. The work is performed on a physiological level by touching  sense receptors under the skin which can alert the brain to any problem  areas that exist in the body. It is administered without any forced  manipulations, with the body either accepting or declining the signals.  The brain sends the appropriate signal to the tissues encouraging the  release of any tension, thus allowing for structural alignment. It is  gentle, its effects are powerful, and recovery from pain and injuries is  quick and safe. Most people experience substantial relief after the  first session, and often the results are surprising. I have had many clients report that  while they were undergoing Bowen treatment for one condition, they had  other, quite different ones, fixed.

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