I decided to join Precision training after  I got numerous injuries which occurred in other Gyms in Nelson…..back, shoulder and knee Injuries happened a few to many times . A friend recommended I contact Caroline Morgan and get her to fix my injuries and train with her.  After she gave me a detailed explanation about the techniques she would be using to fix my injuries, I booked one session with her. That one session ended  up in a 4 week program with a treatment once a week. I then joined her Precision training classes and have not had one  single  back, neck, shoulder or knee Injury.  I train with Caroline  6 days a week we do different things every day. …..I believe it is the diversity of her training program her skills and experience that keeps me going back for more. I can see the changes  in my body and feel  so much stronger with no new Injuries. Shes has definitely made me faster, stronger and better. Could not recommend her highly enough !!! Juditha Morrison, Nelson