New Services coming to The Bowen Clinic !

New service coming to The Bowen Clinic in October !


The Bowen Clinic will be offering Functional Movement Screening ! What is functional movement screening ?

Functional Movement screening is a measureable screen and evaluation of several fundamental movement patterns. It will identify movement limitations and left/right asymmetries. It is a accurate system that will highlight potential problems and most importantly, prevent injuries before they happen.

We have all taken on a new sport, thought I can’t wait to get stuck into this. Whether it be squash, tennis, badminton, cross fit or basketball ! Then the worse happens !! We injure ourselves, this sets us back weeks maybe even months and our dreams of being a pro at our new sport is put on hold or maybe never to happen !

What could have prevented this ? A functional movement screen would have highlighted potential problems related to the chosen sport. Then a corrective program would have been implemented and you would have reached your goal of being a champ in your chosen sport.

In summary I would highly recommend FMS screening to all athletes and people who have sustained injures or anyone thinking of taking up a new sport. You will have decreased injury risk and increased athletic performance. As the saying goes more concentration on Pre-hab so you don’t have to do Re-hab !!!

Produced by Caroline Morgan

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